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Appraisal Connector

Interlead chose Media Suite to develop the software behind Appraisal Connector™ - an online appraisal system designed to enhance the professional learning of New Zealand teachers.

The challenge

After years of educational research and following guidelines established by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, InterLEAD consultants developed the philosophy and ideas behind the Appraisal Connector™.

Media Suite were able to capture that philosophy and develop an intuitive web interface that streamlines the review process, allowing teachers and schools to focus on continued professional development.

Core features

Appraisal Scheduling
Professional Journals & Goal Setting
A Student Feedback Portal
Individual Reporting
School Wide Reporting

The initial ‘bootstrap’ system was built very rapidly over a couple of months and used to cost effectively test the market. Features and users were rapidly added over the first year of operation. Now after three years of continuous development (including a near complete rebuild) Appraisal Connector™ offers a compelling set of features.

In 2014 we added a new companion product called Leadership Reflector™ - focusing on the feedback of leaders.

If you have any questions about this project please contact George Wills on 021 606462.