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The Lost Guide to starting with Ember and D3

Ewen shares some learning for your next D3 chart build within the EmberJS framework. From basics of installing to integration with Ember components - step right up!
Ewen Posted by Ewen on 30 May, 2019

Ethics and algorithms – Making the ‘right’ automated decisions

For companies like Amazon and Uber, algorithms are fast becoming their Most Valuable Employees, but we need to ensure that automated decisions are “right” and not just “accurate”.
Alex Green Posted by Alex on 1 May, 2019

When I grow up, I want to be a…Product Manager?

What does a Product Manager do? Well, that depends. Who do they do it for? ...That also depends. Why do they do it? Easy - it's all about creating value.
Al Duncan Posted by Al on 18 April, 2019

Becoming a Game Developer – not that simple, after all

2018/19 Intern Tim on finding a career path in the gaming industry, and using his research to help others.
Tim McKenzie Posted by Tim on 11 April, 2019

The low down on React Hooks

2018/19 intern, Subhra, on understanding React Hooks, and what the future may hold for this API.
Subhra Posted by Subhra on 9 April, 2019

The surprising impact of little changes

"This post is not about self-congratulation. We need a generation who agree on the problem and believe that it can be tackled. I sincerely hope this little exercise helps."
Abi Posted by Abi on 20 March, 2019

The life story of an introvert

Steve on the subtle art of listening, embracing diversity of thought, and his journey to finding his people.
Steve Posted by Steve on 7 March, 2019

Digital Legislation: a better future through co-design

Ersin on how legislation could be digitised, and what he learned from a workshop with Palmerston North City Council.
Ersin Posted by Ersin on 26 February, 2019

Moving to Aotearoa – jandals, tax refunds and always saying you’re sorry

One man's discoveries on life in New Zealand.
Mitch Statz Posted by Mitch on 19 February, 2019
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