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Cruise Guide: The Case Study

All about a handy little app Media Suite built with the Marlborough District Council.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 2 March, 2018

Finding my feet in a computer science career

Young Elliot on spending his years at university, finding out he could've done it in 18 weeks, but making his peace with it. (And also, about how he ended up at Media Suite.)
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 16 February, 2018

Office design: an Agile approach

All about what happens when a pro-Agile company decides to take the next step in office design. It's all about the love of our people!
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 2 February, 2018

Using NGINX’s X-Accel with Remote URLs

Ewen explains how to tackle serving up remote files from an S3 bucket to permitted users via a Django app using NGINX.
Ewen Posted by Ewen on 19 January, 2018

The one where Fiona becomes a master of all things Biz Management…

Fi attends the think tank training Executive Assistant Toolkit Masterclass (hosted by business owner and author Blythe Rowe). Blythe is the founder and director of Human Incite... Aka Badass Lady Boss.
Fiona Posted by Fiona on 15 December, 2017

A Jolly Nice Place to Work

Hollingsworth explores the criteria he lays out when choosing a new role as a software developer. *Full definitions provided to explain any British slang (for those not fluent) ;)
Jonathan H Posted by Jonathan H on 1 December, 2017

How we Slack at Media Suite

We use Slack a lot at Media Suite. Like A LOT. In this post, Steve explains how we leverage Slack to improve communication, keep everyone fed and even have a bit of fun. :thumbsup:
Steve Posted by Steve on 22 November, 2017

So, why was our last hire an anthropologist?

Abi explores the reasons behind why we hire who we hire and why having a wide range of skills, experiences and backgrounds within our team is so very important.
Abi Posted by Abi on 3 November, 2017

Ember Blueprints part 3: executing our tests

Jonathan H is back with the conclusion to his three-part series on Ember Blueprints. Bonus content includes a definition of 'knee dancing'...
Jonathan H Posted by Jonathan H on 20 October, 2017
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