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Ember Blueprints part 2: putting Ember Blueprints to the test

Follow along with developer, Jonathan, for Part 2 of his Ember Blueprints discussion.
Jonathan H Posted by Jonathan H on 29 September, 2017

Media Suite: A Cultural Snapshot

Media Suite has a guy called James. James is our Resident Anthropologist. In this blog, he explains what that means, and what he actually does.
James Posted by James on 19 September, 2017

Charity, orange Lego, and the power of the Hive

A little story about how Media Suite decided to make charitable donations the focus of its Tech Summit contribution this year. We're giving $6000 to great causes. This is how you can decide where it ends up.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 7 September, 2017

Managing Relations in Ember Data with JSON API

From his villa in beautiful Bali, our nomad developer Patrick weighs in on this technical issue. He even provides demo-code.
Patrick Posted by Patrick on 18 August, 2017

Ember Blueprints: why they’re awesome

Brit-turned-Queenstowner and keen coder Jonathan on why he's a fan of Ember Blueprints. Note: This is part one of a. . . (yet-to-be-decided-how-many-parts) series on this subject.
Jonathan H Posted by Jonathan H on 11 August, 2017

Inside GovHack: a non-nerd’s perspective

I just celebrated my One Year Media Suite Anniversary by attending my first proper nerd conference. Here is one non-technical person's account of GovHack.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 1 August, 2017

Learning from others

Developer Ed on how awesome we all are, and how he should always try to be more like us ;) Damn, we're cool.
Ed Posted by Ed on 7 July, 2017

Trees in PostgreSQL

Our grumpy English import explains trees using cat diagrams. This post has everything.
Stu Posted by Stu on 23 June, 2017

A CSS Guide to Side by Side

Our CSS expert on getting things to sit next to each other, and resisting the .gif temptation.
Julia Posted by Julia on 16 June, 2017
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