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10 ways to win at workplace culture transplant

Starting out with a new team can present challenges, but transplanting your own flavour of workplace culture doesn't have to be hard if done correctly.
James B Posted by James on 8 August, 2019

Remote Culture – the facts, and making it work

A slightly biased look at the value of offering remote work and the statistics surrounding recent studies focused on the concept.
Elliot Posted by Elliot on 27 June, 2019

The Gentleman and the Tramp

One software developer's recommendations for the great hikes (or tramps) of Christchurch. Read on for "visual buffets", "friendly sheep", and "nicely maintained lookout points".
Mitch Statz Posted by Mitch on 30 October, 2018

Bossy kid to people leader: playing to your strengths

Kaylene with her recommendations for transitioning from manager to leader, and finding a way to keep doing the things you love.
Kaylene Wakefield Posted by Kaylene on 18 September, 2018

Introducing CoLabs – the innovation engine

Why do you need a CoLab? James Pearson on what it is, what it does, and why you need it.
James P Posted by James on 11 September, 2018

Landing on one’s feet: not just for cats

Product Manager Al on coping with change - one man's bike path to finding his crew.
Al Duncan Posted by Al on 5 September, 2018

‘Hello Support, please help?’

Steve, the guy who's always there with a helping hand, a user guide, and a friendly word for all our support clients.
Steve Posted by Steve on 25 June, 2018

The Family Juggle

On balancing work and family these days and what Media Suite does to help. Think flexibility! And coffee. Lots of coffee.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 16 May, 2018
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