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Latest post: Trees in PostgreSQL

Trees in PostgreSQL

Our grumpy English import explains trees using cat diagrams. This post has everything.
Stu Posted by Stu on 23 June, 2017

Software longevity – with boats

Our grumpy British developer Stu, on the relationship between war ships and making good choices.
Stu Posted by Stu on 24 March, 2017

Porting the ZX Spectrum Hobbit to OSX

Back in 1982, in the early days of the 8-bit computer era, The Hobbit, a somewhat remarkable game was released on the ZX Spectrum. Although built in Australia (by Veronika Megler and Philip Mitchel for Beam Software), in the UK it is a cultural Icon. ┬áVeronika went on to a distinguished career at IBM (where…
Stu Posted by Stu on 14 November, 2016