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Latest post: A box of fluffies

The Family Juggle

On balancing work and family these days and what Media Suite does to help. Think flexibility! And coffee. Lots of coffee.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 16 May, 2018

Cruise Guide: The Case Study

All about a handy little app Media Suite built with the Marlborough District Council.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 2 March, 2018

Finding my feet in a computer science career

Young Elliot on spending his years at university, finding out he could've done it in 18 weeks, but making his peace with it. (And also, about how he ended up at Media Suite.)
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 16 February, 2018

Office design: an Agile approach

All about what happens when a pro-Agile company decides to take the next step in office design. It's all about the love of our people!
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 2 February, 2018

Charity, orange Lego, and the power of the Hive

A little story about how Media Suite decided to make charitable donations the focus of its Tech Summit contribution this year. We're giving $6000 to great causes. This is how you can decide where it ends up.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 7 September, 2017

Inside GovHack: a non-nerd’s perspective

I just celebrated my One Year Media Suite Anniversary by attending my first proper nerd conference. Here is one non-technical person's account of GovHack.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 1 August, 2017

New office feels

Media Suite has slick new digs complete with loud wallpaper, sit-stand desks and executive conference room chairs.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 16 February, 2017

We love caffeine

Coffee is as integral to Media Suite as money is to banks, or smooth talking is to politicians.
Abbie Posted by Abbie on 10 February, 2017
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