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Latest post: The surprising impact of little changes

Valuing your team means valuing their retirement

Media Suite recently incentivised the team to contribute a little more to their retirement. Commercial Manager Abi explains why SMEs should be supporting KiwiSaver for staff, not sabotaging it.
Abi Posted by Abi on 27 April, 2018

So, why was our last hire an anthropologist?

Abi explores the reasons behind why we hire who we hire and why having a wide range of skills, experiences and backgrounds within our team is so very important.
Abi Posted by Abi on 3 November, 2017

Agile contract negotiation

Agile development needs agile contracts. Our commercial manager and legal nerd Abi delves into why the contract plays a major role in our client relationship. It's all about trust, people!
Abi Posted by Abi on 24 February, 2017